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Our Spring Show was SOLD OUT!

600 Attendees!

Peaceful Hearts & Minds

In loving memory of Monsignor Russ Kohler

We've been busy!
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Most Holy Trinity's Annual Spring Show
- Downtown Monitor 5/16
177th Year for Most Holy Trinity School in Corktown Area
- New Monitor 8/14
175 Year Old School Meets Needs of
Downtown Moms
- New Monitor 12/13
175 Years in Corktown
- Detroit News 10/13
The Oldest and Best Kept Secret
- New Monitor 8/13
Friends Collect 2000 Books for Detroit School
- 2013

We are always accepting applications for Preschool Montessori through Eighth Grade

Monday through Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm.
Please call for an appointment.

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